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Here at Appliance Masters, you will find service and repairs for all Bosch home appliances, such as dryers, ovens, fridges and many more. Our service team has many years of experience and receives extensive training, which allows them to provide you with the repair service you can find. Their extensive training also makes them familiar with the Bosch brand.

However, professional repairers are not the only advantage that we offer to our customers. We also have parts readily available for all of your domestic Bosch products.

So whether there is a problem with your washing machine, dishwasher, or even your oven, we have the parts available to make the necessary changes. 

We provide our services regardless of warranty and provide our service guarantee that can help you rest easy knowing that your product is and will be working fine. You can learn more about the services that we provide here:

Bosch Washing Machine Repair

Bosch is famous for its incredibly durable and high-quality washing machines. Appliances start acting up no matter which brand they belong to or how expensive they are. And with washing machines easily being one of the most used appliances in any home, it is especially prone to break down.

Bosch’s washing machines are incredibly well made, and intuitively designed towards the comfort of their customers. So when it comes to checking Bosch washing machines, there is minimal movement involved.

By accessing the front panel, our engineers will be able to fix any minor problems that you may be facing. Of course, beneath the washing machine itself, our teams will be able to make any of the major changes like replacing the pump or the hoses inside the washing machine. This makes for very little disturbance in your house.

Now while freestanding machines are a lot easier to fix and repair, integrated machines are much harder. This is due to the fact that they stay in place, and removing them would require a lot of handiwork, hence why most companies don’t attempt them at all. But we can not only fix them, but we can do so without having to move them.

Bosch Dryer Repair

There are three major types of dryers that Bosch sells: the condenser dryer, heat pump dryer, and the vented dryer. And though these dryers all do the same thing, it is how they do it that makes all of the difference.

More importantly, all of these dryers require a different level of skill.

Condenser dryers soak up all of the moisture from wet clothes and store them in a different tank. This tank needs changing after regular intervals, and they don’t have a specific place in the house. Of course, the sensitive and advanced systems in a condenser dryer require an expert engineer.

On the other hand, heat pump dryers dry clothes faster with less energy and more efficiency.  This also comes with a self-cleaning condenser, completely taking out the human element.

The most common and annoying problem that these dryers face is no heating. This is often due to the thermostat not working or the filters getting clogged. Both are very easily solvable.

Bosch Dishwasher Repair

Bosch’s quality seeps into all of its products, and their dishwashers are no exception. Dishwashers also have it incredibly rough, as they often take second place to washing machines as the most used appliance in the house. Wear and tear is par for the course through all of that regular use.

Some of the most common problems that every dishwasher goes through include, but are not limited to, drain pump problems, filter problems, not cleaning dishes, spray arm problems, and dishwasher displaying an error code. These are just a few of the problems that every dishwasher will face regardless of their brand or quality.

The best part about most of these problems is, they all require small fixes and are not as frequent as many expect. Of course, the charges for your dishwasher repair will greatly vary depending on the type of dishwasher you have.

Compact dishwashers are the easiest for our engineers, and the integrated dishwashers are some of the hardest to fix because they may have to extract the unit itself.

Bosch Fridge Repair

Stand-alone fridges are incredibly versatile when it comes to both their placement and their functionality. These fridges have very much overshadowed their integrated counterparts. But that is not to say that integrated fridges are not prevalent in any way.

Fridges can run into problems with their cooling or with continuous frosting, leading to constant repairs. Lucky for you, though, our well-trained engineers can fix any issue that your fridge may be facing right there and then.

Bosch has manufactured their small, integrated fridges to be stored in enclosed spaces, so they can be fixed without having to move anything. So without having to move the appliance frustratingly, our engineers can easily repair most problems.

Bosch Oven Repair

The use of ovens in the average household has gone up considerably throughout the years. With a wide range of tutorials and equipment at nearly everyone’s disposal, ovens have come much more into play. And with that much more extensive use, there comes more need for repairs.

Of course, with the modernization of all of these appliances, Bosch oven repair has become a lot more specialized. Our engineers are more than capable of fixing most problems that you would face in your oven.

Since they are not only trained to deal with specific types of appliances but rather brand-specific appliances, fixing ovens is second nature to them, whether it be a compact oven or a built-in one.


Repairing your appliances can sometimes be quite a hassle. But here at Appliance masters, we ensure that our engineers will not let you worry. Thanks to their specific training and experience, if there is a solution, you know, they can find it.