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We are your responsive cooktop repair Calgary service providers. We can fix your cooktops quickly without causing you to break the bank. Also, we can repair cooktops from a variety of brands such as Whirlpool, Bosch, Viking, Jenn-Air and many more. So just call us when you need help with the repair.

Although these induction cookers are quite simple machinery with only a few major spare parts, they are very likely to undergo some form of damage. From parts suffering damage to problems occurring in the wiring, there are plenty of things that can go wrong even in such a simple device. So, if you are facing problems with your induction cooktop, be sure to contact us to help.

Cooktop Repair in Calgary: How We Fix the Issues

Repairing induction cookers is now an easy task. While they may be simple in terms of their application and the parts that they use, but in terms of repairs, they can be incredibly complicated. Most repairmen don’t know how to go about repairing the oddly complicated inner workings of an induction cooker.

Moreover, in order to properly check on an induction board for the damage that it received, repairers will need professional tools and all sorts of experience. But lucky for you, our repair team has a lot of experience with induction cookers and have the necessary tools required to fix your cooker. But other than that, our team also has plenty of knowledge about various brands of induction cookers. So even if you don’t have a user manual present, we will definitely have one.

Common Issues with Induction Cookers

Due to the minimal parts inside an induction cooker, few things can go wrong with an induction cooker. But that is not to say that the induction cooker itself is safe from all forms of damage. In fact, your cooker may face problems in terms of its wiring, its main controls, the cooling fan, the element coils, and terminal box, among other things.

These parts can be very difficult to repair and quite complex to fix unless the repairmen know what they are doing. And oftentimes, the repair team will need to take the appliance with them to the shop for further repairs. But regardless, other problems can occur in your induction cookers. So without further ado, here are some of the problems that might occur in your induction cooker.

Induction Cooktop Not Starting

Induction not starting is one of the first and most common issues of induction cookers. If your induction cooker is not starting or turning on, it may be one of a few issues. The first issue is that obviously, to check up on your stove and see if the controls are locked. It is very common for the controls on your induction cooker to lock, so don’t worry.

However, this could also possibly be a problem with the power in your house or the plug itself. Finally, the last possible problem could be a circuit overload or a circuit failure entirely. This can be a common problem if there is some form of fluctuation in your home that can cause the circuit to malfunction. So in the case of a malfunction or overload, you will need to call a professional.

Cooker Not Heating Properly

Another problem that is specific to this cooker is that of it not heating up properly or at all. This is a problem that many people who use induction cookers report. The first thing that you can do on your end is to set the temperature of the coils to the level that is good for cooking.

 Also, be sure make sure that you are keeping your cooking ware on the pad properly as you cook for even cooking. Of course, there may be a malfunction in the wiring that may be causing your heating problems. So if the placement isn’t the problem and neither is the temperature setting, it is quite possible that it may be a problem with your wiring.

Induction Shutting Down While Cooking

A major problem with induction heaters is that they require specific cookware and they also require you to place that cookware correctly or else it will stop working. Most people don’t know this and may move the pan around without knowing that they are actually turning their stove off. So when cooking tries to be mindful of the placement of your pan.

Other than placement of the pan, it is possible that you still have the automatic feature turned on that turns the cooker off after a set amount of time. You can change the timer or turn it off completely by checking out the user manual.

Finally, your cooker may also be shutting down because of too much heat inside the cooker. In that case, you will have to check the vents in the cooker, whether they are blocked or not. Of course, this overheating may have forced the motherboard to malfunction or lead to circuit failure.

LED Lights Flashing

You may have noticed an LED light blinking or constantly shining on your cooker. Now, of course, this is nothing to worry about. The lights indicate that you have left the cooker on and that’s about it. There is nothing to worry about when getting this indication, as this is only to ensure that your cooker does not overheat.

Noise and Vibration

A subtle hum that you may be hearing from your cooker is nothing to be concerned about; it’s just the cooling fan. The cooling fan ensures that the heat in your cooker doesn’t exceed a certain amount and keeps the heat from reaching precious circuits. Now you can have this cooling fan removed, but that can actually damage your cooker and shorten its life span to only six months.

But if you don’t hear this sound, that is much more concerning. This means that your fan is not working or worse malfunctioning. So be sure to reach out to us in case that happens.

Conclusion: Opt for Professional Cooktop Repair Calgary Services

Induction cookers offer a wide range of benefits over regular stoves, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely safe from harm. But even if you come across some issues with your induction cooker, be sure to contact Appliance Masters for professional cooktop repair Calgary side.

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