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If you’ve have a gas or electric oven that you need repaired then you may be tempted to do the repairs yourself. This can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, but can save you some money for simple repairs.

If you are in or near then we can do the oven repair in Calgary for you at a competitive price and at a speed that will have your oven working again in next to no time. Give us a call if you want to save yourself the cost and trouble associated with an unsafe repair.

If you wish to attempt to make the repair yourself then here are some tips that should help you fix your oven safely, but bear in mind that you use this advice entirely at your own risk.

Common Gas or Electric Ovens problems

The igniter won’t light the gas.

Most modern gas stoves and ovens have a built-in igniter to make lighting them easy. Note that if this igniter stops working then you can still light the oven with a match, lighter, or hand-held igniter. Igniters generally come in wired electric versions and piezo-electric versions that work off mechanical force. The latter are mainly used for portable stoves.

Before attempting to fix an electric igniter check that the power is still on in the house and that the oven is plugged in to the electricity with the power switch set to on. If not then the lack of power going to the igniter is the problem and this will need to be remedied.

If the power is on then check that the igniter is producing a spark. If this is not the case then there is probably an issue with its wiring. This will require an experienced professional to fix as messing around with electrical wiring is not something an amateur should do.

The piezo-electric igniters have a long life-span but will eventually need to be replaced. Check that the piezo-electric igniter is generating a spark across its electrodes. If there is no spark then the igniter has reached the end of its useful life and you will need to remove it and install a replacement.

The oven doesn’t get hot enough.

Over time the outlet can clog up with accumulated grot. This can impede the flow of gas and stop the burner from generating enough heat to work effectively. In this case the outlets probably just need to be cleaned.

For the outlet in the oven try cleaning it with a scouring pad or brush and an oven cleaning detergent. In some cases the outlet may be designed to be removed for cleaning in a sink, so take it out and give it a proper clean if this is the case.

This might be a good opportunity to give the oven a proper clean too. For the outlet on the gas stove lift out all the loose parts for the stove burner and soak them in the sink with hot water and dish-washing detergent.

Give them a good scrub, rinse them off, and let them dry. If you have access to compressed air then blowing air through the burner from the inside may also help blow out any extra grot impeding the gas outlets.

Then put the burner parts back in the order you removed them. If the stove or oven still won’t work correctly then it’s time to call a repair professional.

None of the heating elements will heat up.

If all of the stove and oven heating elements fail to heat then this is most likely a wiring or power supply issue. If the oven plugs into a wall outlet then check that it is plugged in and turned on.

Check the house’s fuse-box to see if the fuse or electrical breaker for the oven has burnt out or triggered. If so then you can try fixing the fuse or resetting the breaker but if the problem reoccurs then it is probably a short or other issue with the internal wiring of the oven repair in Calgary and you should call a professional.

One of the heating elements won’t heat up.

If a single heating element won’t heat up then it is most likely an issue with that element. Heating elements can fail over time and will then need to be replaced.

These elements usually slot into sockets in the stove or oven and can easily be removed. In the case of the oven elements they may also have a retaining bracket to hold them in position, so you may need a screwdriver to remove them. Anything that is wired directly into the oven should be left to a professional though.

If there are multiple elements of the same size then you can try socketing a working element into the spot the non-working element was in and see if that element works.

If so then the problem was definitely with the non-working element itself. If not then it may be a wiring issue that will require a repair person to fix.

Also check the electrodes on the working elements where they plug into the oven and stove heating element sockets. If any of them are severely burnt or worn then you may want to also replace those elements before they fail.

The interior light doesn’t work.

Like most light bulbs the oven light will eventually fail. If this is the case then you will need to remove and replace it. First remove the bulb cover either by removing any screws holding it in place, or for a socketed cover by turning it counter-clockwise and pulling it out. You might want to give the cover a proper clean while you have it out. Buy a replacement oven light-bulb from a suitable store and screw it into the bulb socket. Replace the cover and test if the bulb works. If it doesn’t work then the problem may have been a wiring issue.

The oven door won’t shut properly.

Over time the hinges on the oven door can become worn and the springs that hold the door shut may break. Some doors will slot into the oven without any screws or bolts holding them in place, so try opening the door and pulling up on it at different angles to see if it will pull out.

If not then look for retaining screws or bolts that connect the door hinges to the oven frame. Once you have the door off check the hinges to see if they are worn or damaged. If they look like they are causing the issue then you will need to replace them, but the solution may also be as simple as tightening the retaining bolts or screws if they have become loose.

Check the door springs where the door connects to the oven to see if they are broken or stretched. If they are then they will need to be replaced. Also check the seal on the door to see if it is compressing unevenly or is worn or broken and needs replacing as a result.

Basic Safety Measures for Extreme Repairs

While some simpler repairs can be done safely without turning off the power and gas, more extensive repairs require more extreme safety measures. If you are doing anything more than basic repairs then the first thing to do is to turn off the gas and/or electricity going to the device you will be attempting to repair. Or if you don’t want to take a risk call Appliance Masters to do oven repair Calgary.

Physically disconnect the device from any electricity or gas supply if you can do so safely and know what you are doing. If the device plugs into an electric wall socket then also remove the plug from the socket before proceeding. Bear in mind that a gas powered device may still have gas in the internal pipes and that many electrical components can hold a dangerous charge for an extended period.

Leave an electric oven for at least half an hour after disconnecting the power before touching any electrical components. Avoid any open flame around a gas oven that you are working on and ensure there is plenty of ventilation in the area you are working to avoid issues with the gas.

You should bear in mind that tinkering around with gas and electric appliances is extremely dangerous. Some of the advice given here should only be used if you are experienced with repairing these types of appliances.

An unsafe repair attempt may result in damage to the device and to the property in the case of a fire or explosion, and may also result in injury or death in extreme cases. You use this advice entirely at your own risk.

If you’d rather not take the risk of doing the repair yourself then you can get a professional to do oven repair Calgary for you. You can find appliance repair services in your location by doing an internet search for the right search term with your location included.

For example if you are in Calgary then a search for “oven repair calgary” should get you a list of professionals you can use, including us. Or you can call us directly 587 997 4718 if you are near Calgary and want to save yourself some time. We can do the repairs to your oven quickly and at a highly competitive price.

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