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Refrigeration is one of the modern conveniences of life all households cannot do without in these modern times. Refrigerators not only store food (inside a cabinet) but preserves it as well.

The freezer compartment is meant to store meats for longer periods of time and can make ice from water. It is one of the most used (and abused) appliances in the home. It works non-stop, 24/7.

And the likelihood that something will go wrong with your fridge, is just a matter of time. Sooner or later it will run into a problem.

No need to panic when it happens. Call Appliance Masters for refrigerator repair in Calgary. This is the right company to do refrigeration repairs for you.

It is good to know something about how your refrigerator works. This way, you have a general idea of what went wrong if something goes wrong and you are not left completely in the dark. Just some basic things you need to know.

First, you need to have an idea of how your refrigerator works. How does your refrigerator work?

Think of your refrigerator and freezer as a storage box, a cold storage box. They’re much like, but a lot larger than those insulated ice boxes you bring on picnics and outings where you cool your drinks.

The big difference is they are not portable but fixed and stationary, and they are cooled using electricity. But it is basically a huge cabinet, your fridge is. But instead of clothes, you keep food in it.

What makes it cold? It’s not rocket science, so don’t be scared. Your fridge and freezer are wrapped around inside the cabinet by super-cold coils. This is what makes your fridge and freezer cold. It’s just colder in the freezer so things freeze in there.

Its basic cycle is simple: refrigerant (cooling) gas is pumped by a compressor into tiny tubes, pipes. This gas condenses (turns to liquid) into cold refrigerant liquid in coils running around inside around the fridge compartment. From here, the refrigerant gas goes back to compressor; and it is pumped repeatedly back over and over again in a never-ending cycle.

What passes inside around the refrigerator cabinet is the refrigerant in its cold liquid form. Outside, on the housing of the fridge cabinet (its covered with the insulated fridge body panel) and at the back, you can feel it with your hands… it’s kinda hot.

In order to keep the cold inside and not escape, your fridge and freezer doors are lined with magnetic gaskets or seals. These lock the cold fridge air in and the warm room air out.

What usually goes wrong with your fridge or freezer?

Fridge not cooling enough.

First, check your fridge’s setting. It should either be in the optimum or maximum setting. If this fails, check the door seals for leaks, air leaks. The magnetic seals on your fridge door might be worn out and needs replacement.

Fridge not cooling enough but the freezer is cold.

This is often associated with the formation of ice or frost on the evaporator coils. This means your freezer is experiencing problems in its defrost cycle. It is not properly defrosting.

The defrost system of your freezer is controlled by two systems: one, a defrost heater and, two, a thermostat, which detects temperature and tells the freezer it’s time to defrost. These repairs should be entrusted to the refrigerator repair Calgary by Appliance Masters for a proper solution.

Fridge not cooling at all but the freezer is cold.

It could be a problem with the freezer evaporator fan motor. A miniature fan blows the cold air into the fridge compartment to ensure good circulation of air around.

When the fan motor gets busted or broken, air will not circulate and there will be pockets of warm air inside the fridge cabinet. This makes the inside of the fridge warm.

It might also be a thermistor malfunction. Thermistors are sensors designed to monitor air temperature. If this malfunctions so will the cooling system in your fridge.

This may also be the reason why your fridge is not cooling enough. These are jobs that fridge repair Calgary technicians are trained to solve.

This may clearly be a problem with the defrost thermostat. The defrost thermostat detects if the evaporator coils have gone cold enough to trigger the defrost cycle.

If the thermostat suffers a defect, the defrost cycle is not activated and frost builds up on the evaporator coils. This causes a failure in the cooling system. This is a job for Appliance Masters for refrigerator repair Calgary to do.

Both fridge and freezer not cooling.

Apparently, there is a total system failure. This can happen if the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) has malfunctioned. The MCB halts all operations if it senses serious irregularities in the fridge’s circuitry.

One of the common reasons this happens is when the refrigerant suffers a major leak. The tiniest pinhole or puncture in any of the coil or pipes where the refrigerant passes or leaks in the various joints and couplings can drop the pressure and lose the necessary compression for refrigeration to function.

This could be a major problem. This could mean a breakdown of the main compressor. The main compressor is responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant through the entire system from start to finish.

If the compressor malfunctions or gets broken — it isn’t easily broken — it’s time either to buy a new fridge or have the compressor replaced with a brand new one. Appliance Masters would have suitable recommendations for Fridge repair in Calgary

There will be problems you will encounter with your fridge that you yourself can fix, knowing how your fridge works and all. But there are problems that only a highly skilled professional repair technician is able to do. Even the troubleshooting and repair that you think you are capable of, it is always good, and as a precaution, to call Appliance Masters for the refrigerator repair in Calgary.