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Certified Technicians

We only employ certified technicians that could make a difference. It’s more than just about a quick-fix; it’s about identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your appliance.

Same Day Service

Our same day’s service applies to the majority of the renowned and as well as independent brands in the market. Thus, hand over your appliance ordeals to us so that we can render quality repair service at a moment’s notice.

Discount Offers

Upon assessment of your appliance, we can give you freehand to choose multiple repair options and enjoy various discount offers at the same time. You can avail our discounts even on a singular appliance repair. That’s how we make washing repair in Calgary affordable for you.

The Most Common Washing Machine Issues

  • Washing Machine is too Loud

Your washing machine can create excessive noise pollution. The loudness of the machine could be because of the jammed drum or coins. Therefore, your first course of action should be to check the clarity of the drain filter. 

Worn out bearings, on the other hand, also results in unbearable washing machine noise. You can confirm the overused bearings by hearing the rumbling noise of the drum that requires immediate replacement. 

  • Spin Cycle Stopped Working

The majority of the washing machine appliances ultimately suffer from spin cycle problems. However, the inexpensiveness to repair makes it easier for people to get over the issue immediately. The spin cycle stops working mainly because of the overload or uneven distribution of the clothes in the washer. 

A quick solution for you would be to remove some of the bulkier clothing items and see if the spin starts working again. If the problem still persists, you may have to change the brushes of your washing machine.

  • Slows Down or Stops During a Wash

The failure of thermostat, heater, or even timer results in the stoppage of the washing machine. Temporarily, you can switch the device to manual control. In the meantime, seek out a specialized repair service such as Appliance Masters for completely resolving the issue.

  • Non-Functional Drum

From worn out brushes, drive belt, or damaged motor are just some of the reasons why the drum of your washing machine may have stopped working. You will, however, need the help of an expert repair technician that can analyze a viable solution.

  • Drainage Problem

Drainage is a vital post-washing process that should run its course quickly. But it stops working when your drainage filter is blocked, or pump has become nonresponsive. What you could do here is drain the hose of your washing machine and put it in a bucket.

  • Jammed Door

A faulty drainage system is one of the main reasons for the door lock. Now, it may sound old fashioned, but you should drain the water manually from the top of the washing machine. As a short-term fix, you can unlock the release button from inside of your washing machine.

  • Clothes Leaving a Bad Odor

If you have been washing clothes on chemical detergents on low temperature for a long period – it is possible to contract bacteria in the appliance. And that’s why repair experts insist on frequently cleaning out the soap dispenser that can extend the lifelong value of your washing machine altogether. 

  • Insufficient Water Filling 

When you can’t fill the water in the washer, it may be because of the unclear inlet hoses or opened door. That said, a non-visible internal leak is an issue where you shouldn’t hesitate to call Appliance Masters.

  • Washing Machine Damaging Clothes

The overheated water usually ends up damaging your precious clothing items. You should take into account that overheated water could be because of a damaged drum, failed thermostat, or unintended inclusion of metal items.

How Appliance Masters Can Help

Contrary to common misconception, washing machines do not have universal fault codes. Sure, you can fix minor issues for a limited time. Nonetheless, an expert repairman would help you identify the problem as a whole. Think of these fault codes as warning signs that allow you to get hold of foreseeable issues at an early stage.

We are aware of how impulsively users unnecessarily end up buying new appliances when they could’ve saved money. With our professional washing machine repair in Calgary technicians by your side, you can get multiple assessment options. We don’t believe in short-term patches that could make your washing machine more vulnerable to faults. 

Moreover, our technicians only use higher quality manufactured parts that ensure the guarantee for every repair. There’s no such thing as small repair. Our service is unbiased and unprejudiced despite the size of the repair. Whether you want a minor fix or a fair evaluation of your appliance, you can rely on our due diligence and expertise. Feel free to contact us now for a fair market estimation of your home or work appliance.